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Pipe Fabrication & Installation

AMCI’s founder and president, Benny Weaver, rose thru the trade as a pipe fitter.  It is only natural that his company offer pipe fabrication and installation.  Many HVAC systems require piping to the proper operation.  AMCI’s crews are skilled installers of hydronic, steam and gas piping.  We install Boilers, Chillers, Pumps and Cooling Towers.



AMCI Contact

Office: (704) 587-4450
Toll Free: (877) 390-4866
Fax: (704) 587-4451
HVAC Service Request Email:
After Hours HVAC Service:
(704) 587-4450 Option 2

Shipping Address:
3228 Nevada Boulevard
Charlotte, NC  28273

Mailing Address:
PO Box 7325
Charlotte, NC  28241

Licenses Held:
NC Mechanical – 9985
H-1, H-2, H-3 & P-1
NC General – 73962
NC Electrical – 29271-U
NC Engineering – D-0157
SC Contractor – 1226
AC5, HT5, PB5, EL5
SC General – 118424 BD4
SC Engineering – COA 2144