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The fundamental skill of any good HVAC company is ductwork.  95% of all HVAC projects include some type of sheet metal.  AMCI is committed to providing our customers with quality ductwork by maintaining a well equipped fabrication shop.  AMCI operates a 3000 SQFT, air conditioned fabrication shop.  Our shop contains a Plasma Cutting Table, 8’ shear, multiple rollforming machines, Roto-die hydraulic bender, 8’ hand brake and box brake and an insulation line. 

Many of our competitors do not share our commitment.  They purchase their ductwork from a local fabricator.  Some would call this a smart business decision by eliminating the expensive shop overhead.  We call these people “Bean Counters” and not professional mechanical contractors.  When was the last time a Bean Counter made a sound, customer focused, business decision?  Our shop gives AMCI the ability to control quality and schedule.  If we need a fitting right now, we make it right now.  The project cannot wait to fit into some fab shop's schedule.

Anyone can brake metal and beat it in to a shape.  However, it takes skill and talent to turn sheet metal to finished ductwork.   Shop Mechanic is the perfect job for those who liked Geometry in high school.  Our shop mechanic enjoy a comfortable and spacious shop to ply their skills.


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