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Written by Randy Minnich   

Den 12 and Den 4 of Cub Scout Pack 250, Palmetto Council, would like to thank Action Mechanical for assisting with the construction of thier Junkyard racers for the 2012 race.

In keeping with "Junkyard" spirit of the race, both cars were constructed of salvaged materials. Den 4's car started life as shipping pallets. Den 12's car was fabricated from the frame of a Schwinn Trailblazer bike trailer. The steering wheel and shaft on both cars is a pulley and 1/2" steel pipe. The rear push bar for each racer is 1/2" pipe held in place by threaded rod and EMT conduit.  The wheels are salvaged from several 12" child bikes.

Finding seats for the racers was a challenge. Den 12's answer was to mount a Century Car Safety Seat to the frame. Den 4's driver seat was salvaged from an old drafting stool. Without a backrest, the driver uses 2 footrest pegs and the steering wheel to hold himself into the car. Fortunately, the car will accept a wide range of driver heights from a little Tiger to a big Webelo II.  Even a Dad can fit behind the wheel.

Only one component was purchased for each car.  The front wheel hinges were a critical part and needed to be strong and straight.  Most home improvement stores have a wide selection of gate hinges.  They're perfect mounts for the front wheel and steering linkage.

Thanks to Action Mechanical's shop, part fabrication and welding for turning a pile of scraps into Cub Powered Fun.

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