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Job Name NC Music Factory
Owner Aark Group
General Contractor Hendrick Construction
Project Completion Summer 2010

NC Music Factory is a large complex that contains an open air amphitheater, indoor performance venue, restaurants, office space and multiple night clubs.  AMCI has installed the plumbing in the Fillmore Charlotte, main concession service for the amphitheater and Butter Night Club.  Currently, we are working on "Wet Willies" set to open in the Summer of 2010. The NC Music Factory is proof that plumbing is more than plain white china fixtures.


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Shipping Address:
3228 Nevada Boulevard
Charlotte, NC  28273

Mailing Address:
PO Box 7325
Charlotte, NC  28241

Licenses Held:
NC Mechanical – 9985
H-1, H-2, H-3 & P-1
NC General – 73962
NC Electrical – 29271-U
NC Engineering – D-0157
SC Contractor – 1226
AC5, HT5, PB5, EL5
SC General – 118424 BD4
SC Engineering – COA 2144