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Who is Action Mechanical Contractors, Inc?

AMCI is a complete Mechanical Contractor offering expertise in Engineering, Fabrication, Installation and Service of commercial HVAC and Plumbing Systems.  Our goal is to provide quality from the project’s inception, design, construction and long term maintenance.

Action Mechanical (AMCI) was founded in 1984 by Benny Weaver and Ray Rushing.  They met in 1973 while working for Air Masters.  Benny was the Piping Superintendent and Ray was the Sheet Metal Superintendent.  After both resigning from Air Masters, AMCI began in a small warehouse on South Tryon St.

Starting a company is a difficult, daunting process.  Benny and Ray worked long hours to build the company from the ground up.  Benny often recounts, “Ray and I would start work at 5:30 AM and be out on a jobsite by 7:00 AM.  We would work onsite until 3:30 and then return to the office for our ‘Second Shift’.  In the office, we would return calls, estimate new work, fabricate ductwork and handle all the small tasks required for business.  Around 10:00 PM or 11:00 PM, we’d call it a day and go home.  The next day we’d start it all over again.”

The late nights and hard work paid off.  AMCI earned a reputation of quality work at a competitive price and began to grow.  AMCI established itself in the tenant upfit market, offices and other smaller commercial projects.  In the late 1980’s, Charlotte experienced a large expansion of warehouses.  AMCI was heavily involved with the growth.  For several years, AMCI was the largest installer of unit heaters in Charlotte.

In 1987, AMCI outgrew the small space on South Tryon St and moved to a 9500 SQFT home on Thrift Road.  The larger home allowed AMCI to expand its ductwork fabrication shop and warehouse.  The new space also allowed AMCI to store trucks and equipment in the fenced yard.

As Charlotte grew, AMCI grew and expanded its project base to include educational, religious and industrial projects.  These projects allowed AMCI to use the pipe fabrication talent of the company president, Benny Weaver.  Installing Boiler, Chillers, Pumps and Pipe became as commonplace as setting Rooftop Units, Split Systems and Ductwork.

In 1999, Ray Rushing, founder and vice president, decided to hang up his snips and retire.  He left behind a solid sheet metal division with its own well stocked fabrication shop and field installation crews.  Although his talent and vision was missed, he trained this foremen and superintendent well to build on his vision.

AMCI continued to grow briskly and began to feel the constraints of the Thrift Road facility. In 2002, AMCI moved into a 15,000 SQFT space on Nevada Blvd.  The new facility includes expanded office space, a significantly larger ductwork fabrication shop, pipe fabrication shop and 2 acres of laydown yard.

In our quest to improve service to our customers, AMCI began offering plumbing installation in 2003.  Company president, Benny Weaver, said, “Adding a Plumbing division to AMCI was an easy decision.  We already had many of the skills and tooling in house.  The problem was having the right people in place and courage to expand the business.”  The courage has paid off.  The Plumbing Division has grown each year and has become important part of AMCI’s commitment to the customer.

Since 1984, AMCI has blossomed from a 2 man company handling small upfits to a 75 person firm capable of handling a new construction, 250,000 SQFT, 4-pipe, VAV High School. Please call us to put our trade skills and in house expertise to work on your next project.

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AMCI Contact

Office: (704) 587-4450
Toll Free: (877) 390-4866
Fax: (704) 587-4451
HVAC Service Request Email:
After Hours HVAC Service:
(704) 587-4450 Option 2

Shipping Address:
3228 Nevada Boulevard
Charlotte, NC  28273

Mailing Address:
PO Box 7325
Charlotte, NC  28241

Licenses Held:
NC Mechanical – 9985
H-1, H-2, H-3 & P-1
NC General – 73962
NC Electrical – 29271-U
NC Engineering – D-0157
SC Contractor – 1226
AC5, HT5, PB5, EL5
SC General – 118424 BD4
SC Engineering – COA 2144